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Learn more about Core Energy Coaching ServicesThe Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is an extremely useful tool to determine your level of energy based on your attitude, your perception, and your perspective of your world. It measures your ability to lead yourself and others to take positive, productive and sustainable action and your awareness about who you are and what life is about – otherwise known as your consciousness. Studies prove that higher levels of consciousness are associated with higher levels of success in life, including success in finances, relationships, personal development, achievement and more.

The ELI assessment measures your level of energy based on your attitude, perception, and perspective of your world. Because attitude is subjective, it can be altered. By working with a coach using the ELI, you can shift your consciousness and create a more effective approach to handling life challenges.

ELI Questionnaire & Debrief – $110

ELI Questionnaire – takes approximately 20 minutes for the client to complete.
Debrief – 45-minute session to fully review of the results and identify focus are


LifeHouse Coaching is about helping clients find their true potential and live the life of their dreams. It’s about helping someone to not be held back by circumstances and challenges that would normally throw anyone off balance. This is what Energy Leadership is about: giving someone the power to create their life each moment of every day however they choose.LifeHouse Coaching utilizes the iPEC Core Energy Program, which offers proven tools and techniques to create the life you desire with sustainable results.The Core Energy Coaching™ Process is the most dynamic and transformational coaching process available anywhere for unlocking human potential. It is the key to rapid and sustainable changes that you will continue to be able to use through your life.

The difference LifeHouse offers is melding Coaching with other certified healing modalities to enable an advanced level of clearing blocks and negative attachments.  Understanding how blocks and attachments cause medical issues and where they effect our bodies is instrumental in finding balance and creating positive life changes.

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LifeHouse is committed to improving life through self-awareness, which comes with being still and going within. Going within enables you to find the light within and expand it outwardly to illuminate the world around us. Meditation is the perfect method for learning how to be still, go within, and bring the inner light out. We offer a variety of personal and group Meditation Workshops.Check our calendar for events or contact us about personal one-on-one session