Core Energy Coaching

The Key to Rapid and Sustainable Change

The Core Energy Coaching™ Processis a breakthrough method of addressing the very basis for change and helping you achieve extraordinary results in your life, career, and/or business. Discovered and developed by iPEC Founder Bruce D Schneider, The Core Energy Coaching™ Process is founded on 30 years of research and development. This interdisciplinary process has its roots in psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mentoring, consulting, quantum physics, metaphysics, adult and accelerated learning theories, emotional intelligence, leadership development, and theories of conscious evolution. A visual depiction is represented in the Energetic Self-Perception Chart (developed by Schneider in the early 1990’s).

“Being” vs. “Doing”

Core Energy CoachingTraditional coaching models often focus only on what a person is “doing” to move from point A to point B. They don’t deal with the cause – the core – and thus, their effectiveness is limited.

The profound benefit of Core Energy Coaching™ is how it enables the coach to raise the conscious awareness of the client as they reach their goals. You become increasingly more aware of who you are “being” as you set and achieve objectives. You learn how to break through your limiting thoughts and emotional responses, and replace them with supportive, empowering beliefs that lead to powerful and consistent action. Once you’re highly aware of how you think, feel, and act, the stage is set for creating sustainable change. With this awareness, you can shift into high-performance mode and accomplish exponentially greater results while expending less effort.

How does Energy Leadership accomplish this rapid and sustainable change?

It does so through the use of the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment, a unique tool based on the “7 Levels of Energy” described in the Energetic Self-Perception Chart.

The chart and the 7 Levels are extremely revealing, helping people come face-to-face with the self-imposed limitations that they have unknowingly created. Our minds have a funny way of working, and very often, they create “default tendencies”—ways that we respond to events in our lives. It’s kind of like a pre-conditioned equation that says “When something like ‘X’ happens, it means ‘Y’ and therefore you should do ‘Z’.” It’s basically like a program running your life to help you handle and quickly process all the information and choices you could possibly make in a single day. Unfortunately, that program is making choices for you, many of which may not be working for you, and in fact, could be limiting you substantially, all without you knowing that this is going on.

Energy Leadership Coaching reveals these “automatic pilot” programs so that individuals can consciously design all aspects of their lives and how they show up in them. This creates not only profound results quickly, but also permanent change, because it’s like taking the blinders off for the first (and last) time. Once you are aware of the 7 levels and their role in your life, there’s no going back.

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